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gbeats goals

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to start and maintain this programme be motivated,stop thinking and start doing,start at l1 and keep it simple,stop putting my self down when i cant do something i.e pull ups.STOP SMOKING.there will be a lot more to come once i have achieved these basics.
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Great Goals!
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Similar needs for me. Stop judging myself!

Good luck on the stop smoking goal. I've quit and started several times. In about 8 mos. I will have tied my record of 5 years. Note: this time I have 2 kids = more motivation.

I used the patch - I've done the cold turkey thing and it SUCKS!!!
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Post by ryan »

yea, good luck on that smoking thing, itll be hard
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Post by Norman »

Hi gbeat,

these are very inspiring goals. I especially liked the "stop thinking and start doing" part.

Keep at it ! Simplefit really helps in this regard.
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Good luck on quitting! First step is to try. Your main thing is to never, never, never, never, never stop trying to quit. You may start again 100 times. Don't stop trying. Try every trick in the book. Chew toothpicks, give rewards, leave the smokes at home, only smoke in one place etc. Just don't stop trying. I've treated a lot of folks with tobacco addiction. Never treated one who quit first try. I've heard folks say they've done it but I'm not sure you have an addiction if you can just stop. Your only human if you beat yourself up. But thats okay. Your Mantra is "Don't stop trying!" It will happen eventually. I had a 32 year tobacco addiction and I've been off em for 4 years. Dont stop tryin!
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Post by samjackson »

I quit 29 years ago, cold turkey. I was 19 years old and had been smoking since I was 12 (cigarettes were .50 a pack back then). I dreamt about smokinf for years afterwards.

In my late twenties I started dipping Copenhagen. Did that regularly for a few years and stopped. I had just become a father and didn't want my son to have a father with half of a face.

Nicoteen is a powerful and addictive stimulant but you can win over it. Best of luck. Let us know how your doing.

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Post by volleyball_man »

If I found that it was good for you - I'd buy a pack and smoke it in an hour.

Includung all of my schooling - nothing as challenging EVER.

Funny thing is - tho' - when I decide to it's actually fun.

I guess the hard part is getting the mind to do it.
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smokin cavie

Post by kookoolulu »

yeah smokin the other can be tough to beat, im in the sim sitch, but ya know, i dig me, and i make progress when i can. Im dancin my ass off lately, and workin it.

loosin yur mind don't last hahahahah
its okay k?

keep on the love and don't forget the greatest love comes from above, always with ya. no matter how you stumble.

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any way back to the dance

ti ti
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