Pullups vs Chinups - Exercise Selection

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Pullups vs Chinups - Exercise Selection

Post by DR03K »

Hate to say it, but vanity is playing a large part in selection here.
Aesthetically speaking, chin-ups are more beneficial right?

Just wondering why pullups are generally favoured over chins?
How many simple fitters switch in chins instead of pullups?

Anyhow, would be nice to hear some reassurances from SF veterans..
Do pull-ups actually build bicep mass over the course of simplefit program? (I do understand that biceps are not engaged as much during pull-ups... but, are they engaged sufficiently for growth/strength?)
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Re: Pullups vs Chinups - Exercise Selection

Post by Polyphemus »

The increased bicep recruitment isn't much. For most people, the chin allows for a greater range of motion for the upper arm, increasing latissmus action without having to strain the shoulders with extra-wide hands etc.

The pullup is often suggested as being more practical: if you're going over a wall or climbing a tree, you don't often have an opportunity to take a supinated grip. I THINK the pullup may spread the work better, but I suspect that's an individual thing.

I default to chins, finding the pullup seems to stress my forearm/elbow in ways I don't like. I could probably develop more pullup ability with some patience. Using rings makes it possible to vary the angle from rep to rep.
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