Off day work outs?

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Off day work outs?

Post by b.oss »

I am interested in working out on my off days. Some folks have suggested I run or use my wife's elliptical machine. I hate running. However, I love the format of the simplefit workouts.

Can anyone suggest some exercises and reps I can do that are consistent with the simplefit workout?

I was thinking of doing just crunches and neck bridges for my off day sessions. Maybe instead of as many reps in 20 minutes on a day 1 I could do them for 10 minutes? How should I move through day 2 and 3 and how should I build the levels?

Thanks guys.


Perhaps I was unclear. I am using the Simplefit program but would like to workout 6 days a week instead of 3. I am looking for something to supplement the Simplefit program.
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Re: Off day work outs?

Post by iamelmecsicou »

How about some tabata jump rope? tabata burpees? or just some tabata whatever? 4 mins at max effort on your days off sounds good enough. Plus, you need those rest days: as i understand it, that's when the muscle actually grows.

Also, yes, i hate running too, mostly due to anxiety, but i started doing it some time ago and let me tell you nothing beats the feeling of rush you get while sprinting at top BPM. You should try it some time, see if you actually really hate it or not.
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Re: Off day work outs?

Post by scumdogg »

Thumbs up for tabata jump rope! I've been jumping rope as a filer workout or as part of my warm up or cool down and love it. Check out Ross Enamait for some excellent suggestions on how to change things up
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Re: Off day work outs?

Post by ButtSmack »

I would suggest cardio (skipping, running) and high tension, low volume strength work (handstand push-ups, holds from the online article Building The Gymnastic Body). The goal is to address areas of the body simple fit doesn't focus on, but to do it by generating tension without building ANY fatigue so that you're fresh for your simple fit workouts. Drop these workouts if they interfere with your simple fit workouts.
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Re: Off day work outs?

Post by Charles147 »

Running is the best exercises because it helps you burn the calories,
Walking, Sprinting and adding hills or an incline can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes,
Bicycling and Swimming of 30 minutes can burn 400 to 500 calories....

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