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Hello All! I have a few questions~

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:40 am
by EphemeralStyle
Hi! I've been doing simplefit for about 3 weeks now and I'm already seeing a lot of improvement! I want to try to optimize my workout though, which is where my questions come in:

Are there any workouts that compliment simplefit well? I mean, does anyone do any more exercise afterwards? What about on off-days?

I've been doing simplefit on M/W/F and running about 2 miles on T/Th. Is this fine? What about running after my workouts? If I were to add a few sets of leg lifts and/or other such core-strengthening exercises on T/Th, is there anything that could foreseeably go wrong?

I've been very happy with my results so far! I'd just like to put more effort into getting fit. I don't care for building muscle, but I am really happy to see myself getting stronger. (Although, I definitely wouldn't complain if I get a little muscle tone or lose some belly fat~)

I guess, what my questions really boil down to is if there is anything I can do to optimize my workouts on top of Simplefit? I appreciate any input!

Also, since I'm asking other questions anyways, I'd like to clarify something about D3's. Is there a big difference between breaking up the numbers between each exercise and doing each all at once? I've been breaking up my pull-ups with squats-- is it better to just rest for a while after doing as many pull-ups as possible and finishing them up?

Thanks again for any info!

Re: Hello All! I have a few questions~

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:04 am
by KTG
Hi - Welcome to the Simplefit community.

Simplefit is such an efficient program--just 15-20 minutes 3x per week--that it leads a lot of people to wonder what else they can/should do. Once you get into it you also start to think about what else you can do to help improve your Simplefit times.

The easy answer is doing some extra cardio work like running.

Doing other strength work is a harder question. One of the great benefits of Simplefit is that it works every muscle group. The downside of this is that it doesn't lend itself to an AB kind of programming (i.e. working on legs on one day and arms another). In my own experience, I've been motivated to do a little extra work here and there. I usually do some extra pull-ups on the evening that I do D1 in the morning. I do extra push-ups through the week. Sometimes I'll do some planks.

So, I think you can do some extra work, as long as you are careful to remember that rest and staying injury-free are both critical to the process.

To clarify the D3 "rules" you are supposed to do all of the pull-ups first in however many sets it takes, then do all of the push-ups, again broken up into whatever pattern of reps works for you, and finally do all of the squats.

Re: Hello All! I have a few questions~

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:41 am
by EphemeralStyle
Ohh, I see! Perfect, thanks for the quick reply!

I definitely see progress-- it's kind of hard to believe that a 20 minute workout could be so effective! I think I'll try to add some extra pull ups and whatnot every once in a while though.

Thanks again for the clarification and info! I really appreciate it.