Planning to use simplefit to train teammates

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Planning to use simplefit to train teammates

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Hey guys, It's my first time on these forums. I've actually used simplefit in past when first started out doing calisthenics. However I have since went on to do other workouts. I have a bunch of dragonboat team mates at varying degrees of strength and fitness levels. Due to simplefit's awesome minimalist approach, I thought of using it to train them without having to get them to commit to doing other workouts like weight training etc.

I would like to progress along side them following the simplefit progression but I have my own strength training in place. Just wanted to know if any of you have an idea on how I can slot simplefit into my workouts.

My workout is as follows (low on lower body for the time being due to hip flexor injury):

Main exercises: weighted pull ups and weighted dips
Accessory exercises: frenchies, typewriter pushups and front plank

Main exercises: Pull-up, Bodyweight Triceps Extensions, Chin-ups and Dips (done as circuit of 3 sets just short of failure for each move)
Accessory exercises: Pull-ups with fat bar, close-grip push ups and front plank

Work on endurance/plyometric (Might do a pyramid workout and/or work on plyometric variations)

I will eventually slot in lower body work in the next week or so.

Any suggestions on how I can slot in simplefit to test my progress in it along side my teammates?