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Hi all,

Can you give me some tips in how to add a "home bicycle" (don't know the name in english... it's a bicycle without wheels for inside training) to simplefit circuit training?

Is it too much to do the squats and some cycling?

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The crossfit folks use a Schwinn Airdyne indoor bike. I bet you can find a used one pretty easily.

For outdoor cycling, my friend and I would cycle a 14 mile course, at speed. We stopped after every mile and did pushups, usually 10.

Our best time was about 1:05. A 14 mile trail bike ride and 140 pushups in an hour:five is a good workout.

I've got another friend incorporating pushups with his running. 10 pushups every 1/2 mile. Doing them every 1/4 mile ups the intensity even more (to state the obvious).
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